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All Star Animal Trapping is a family company dedicated to help families protect their homes and their loved ones (even the furry ones) from wildlife invasions which could result in costly damages to their homes or could endanger their kids or pets. Wild animals are now used to living in urban cities such as Los Angeles, California, because food, water and shelter are readily available. Urban wildlife may make itself at home under your house, on the roof, crawl space, under patio decks, etc. So if you hear noises in the walls, on the roof, in the attic such as scratching, thumping, etc, you most likely have uninvited guests enjoying your cozy home. And what is worse is that they will also wreck it creating an unsafe environment, health hazards and disturbances for you, your family and pets.

Here at All Star Animal Trapping we can help you solve all of your pest, rodent and urban wildlife problems in Los Angeles, Ca and surrounded areas. We are dedicated to maintaining customer satisfaction by delivering the lowest cost that the highest quality of service permits. We would never compromise the quality of our work and we will always treat you as we would like to be treated. Our staff are not only trained animal control and removal professionals, they also have a wide construction background that enables them to accurately identify entry points into your home using experience and knowledge of how homes and structures are built. We do not use “bait-and-switch” techniques, neither we lock you into a shady an unnecessary yearly contract.

All Star Animal Trapping is a private Animal removal and control company and we do not offer Free Animal Control Services. We do it all from birds, bats, to bees; from skunks, raccoons, opossums and coyotes to snakes and rodents! We take pride in our quality craftsmanship when repairing your home from the damages of uninvited guests. Your safety and satisfaction is our top priority! We are so confident that your experience will end well that we guarantee it! We follow all laws and regulations and strive to handle the little guys in a humane manner.


To help families throughout Los Angeles, Ca and San Fernando Valley with the most affordable yet most professional wildlife removal service, with the highest level of quality and service. To help families protect their home, children and family and their pets from the dangers of wildlife invasion such as: Raccoons, Coyotes, Skunks, Opossums, Birds, Rats, Snakes, Bees, etc. To respectfully and carefully remove dead animals from your home.

To protect our customers from the dangers that wild animal feces and property destruction can bring by offering professional attic clean-ups, and throughout your home.