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Los Angeles Bee and Wasp Removal

When it comes to the animal kingdom surrounding Los Angeles, bees are one of the species that can cause the most problems, even though they produce honey that people love to consume. And if you have a bee infestation, there is no reason to let it continue to cause issues. Recognizing the Problem If you have noticed a lot of bees near your home, business, or school, this could be a sign of trouble. It could mean that there is a beehive nearby. And bee infestations are often the cause of damage to the building’s structure, and can also be dangerous and painful, to you, your clients, students, or loved ones. This is especially true if someone has an allergy, which can be impossible to tell until they are stung and by then, it is an emergency situation. All Star Animal Trapping: Experts in Bee Removal All Star Animal Trapping, located in Van Nuys, specializes in bee and wasp removal for the greater Los Angeles area. We offer very competitive pricing, so you don’t need to break your budget to get the bee removal services you need. Proper Treatment of the Bees We also understand that bee populations are dwindling, and while they are not a good thing to have near your office or home, they are important for the global ecosystem. That is why we take special care to remove the bees in a humane fashion. Safety We also ensure that we do it in a safe way for people nearby so as not to disturb the bees and cause a dangerous problem. If you notice bees, it is crucial that you do not try to irritate them or remove them yourself. This could have drastic consequences. Our professional team of experts removes them quickly with attention to detail and safety at all times. A Cut Above Not every company in the animal removal industry is like All Start Animal Trapping. We use special smoking systems that bee keepers use to calm the bees first and then remove the entire colony and hive in a safe manner. This method is proven to have worked time and time again by the foremost bee experts in the world. Avoiding Future Issues It is also important that once the bees are removed, they do not return. That is why we use bee exclusion methods to keep them from inhabiting your area again. If not, then other pests will start invading due to the attraction of the honey that is left behind by some other companies who do not use the right methods, or those who try to do it themselves instead of hiring the professionals who are insured, certified, and trained at All Star Animal Trapping. That is why we also thoroughly clean the area after we are done to ensure bees do not return to the area for good. It is often difficult to tell the difference between a killer bee, hornet, bee, or wasp for an average person. That is why you should address this issue right away. Some killer bees, like Africanized bees, have been rising in populations in many areas. Do not attempt to throw gas on the hive, light it on fire, throw rocks at it or remove it yourself in any way. If you have noticed issues with bees in your area, do not hesitate to get the professionals at All Star Animal Trapping a call. We pride ourselves on offering fast, professional, and effective services at competitive prices. We are the best solution for your wasp removal and bee removal needs. Bees can be a threat to pets, people, and businesses of all kinds so you should not ignore the problem or try to resolve it yourself. You could end up with a dangerous situation that gets out of control quickly.

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