Coyote Trapping and Removal

Los Angeles Coyote Trapping and Removal

Trapping coyote on your own can be a dangerous job. Every year, numerous people get injured in Los Angeles and surrounding areas while trying to rescue their pets from Coyote attack.

In fact, you could end up receiving many stitches if get attacked by a rabid coyote or cornered coyote. The only real way to get rid of animals is calling professionals to trap and remove them.

We, at All star animal trapping, have years of experience in helping families with coyote trapping in Los Angeles and a nearby area from getting rid of animals no matter how dangerous the task.

With us, you can rest assured of the high-quality services at affordable charges along with 100% client satisfaction.

Give us a call at (323)-540-2011 For Coyote Trapping and Removal from your Property.

Forms of Coyote Damage

  • Depredation of pets and livestock, coyotes can eat anything including dog, cat, goat, sheep, chicken and other livestock.
  • They can transmit diseases like hepatitis, rabies, parvovirus to animals that come in their contact.
  • Coyote carries many types of diseases that sometimes lead to intestinal worms, mange, and fleas in pet animals.
  • If coyote injures human (that happen rarely) they may last having hundred of stitches.

How Can We Help You In Trapping Coyote?

Here at All Star Animal Trapping, we are committed to offer human-friendly solutions. Our well-trained team makes use of specialized devices and techniques to catch animals; also they keep the security of both animals and occupants on priority.

  • Our professionals are competent in trapping animals via identifying accurate entry points of coyote into your home.
  • We set up a trap in the exact spot where the coyote is likely to be caught using consummate experience and knowledge.
  • We can help you take measure to avoid any issue with coyote in future.
  • We will dig a hole, use a flat set trap, use high ground or ridge tops to permanently remove a coyote from your property.

We are here to ensure your safety while catching a coyote.

Don’t put your pets and family members at risk, Call us at (323)-540-2011. We’ll be glad to secure your future from harm or illnesses that a wild animal can cause.

Why Coyote Enter Your Property?

Coyotes can create problems once they get used to living around people. Despite the fact that coyotes do attack human if they lose their fear and become adaptable to living around people.

Things that attract Coyote to your property:

  • Leftover pet food outside your home.
  • Unsealed garbage cans
  • Grass, bushes and trees around your home, it gives coyote an opportunity for shelter.
  • Rodent population in your property
  • Cats are the favorite snack of coyote, avoid keeping cat outside at night.


We provide Coyote trapping and removal services 24/7. If you are unsure about the coyote’s presence, we can help you examine the signs to identify coyote.

Don’t risk your life, Call us today at 323-540-2011 to arrange quick coyote trapping services.

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