Dead Animal Removal: Who to Call and What to Do

dead animal removal

Have you noticed a strange smell in your home or garage? Are you seeing swarms of flies in your basement or attic?

If you’re seeing stains on your walls and having trouble breathing, you might have a dead animal in your home or office. We offer removal of a wide range of wild animals including snakes, coyotes, possums, and skunks. We also handle bees, bats, and rats.

If you suspect that you need a professional for dead animal removal, take the time and contact your local pest removal company. Don’t try to do it yourself. Dead animals carry a host of diseases that you don’t want to be exposed to.

Small Wild Animals

Are you hearing noises in your walls at night? You may not realize it, but your home or office could have a rodent problem. Have you noticed any droppings in the corners or near the refrigerator? Rats can carry at least four diseases, all of which could be fatal to humans.

If you see one or two mice, chances are you’ve got dozens more in your walls. We offer comprehensive rodent trapping and removal. We remove the rodents and work with homeowners to prevent another recurrence.

Have you been having chills? Stomach problems? Headaches? You could have a nasty rodent infestation. If you suspect that you have mice or rats in your home, make a list of where you’ve seen the droppings and talk to an animal removal professional.

Larger Wild Animals

Most homeowners don’t realize the amount of damage wild animals can do to a property. Raccoons are notorious for strewing garbage, breaking bird feeders, and even digging holes in your yard. If you have cone-shaped holes that are about four inches across, you’ve got raccoons.

Wild animals will often seclude themselves when they’re dying. They feel safer in an enclosed space, which is great for them but horrible news for homeowners.

If you have unwanted nocturnal guests, you should contact a professional animal removal company. We can remove dead animals as well as trap live ones. If you see a hurt or injured wild animal on your property, you should avoid approaching it. Make a note of where you last saw them and let the professionals trap them.

Dead Animal Removal Services

The most important thing to remember when it comes to dead animal removal is that you shouldn’t attempt to do it by yourself. Dead animals can carry a host of diseases and are often surrounded by live animals lurking in the distance.

If you see a dead coyote, for example, chances are that there is an entire pack not too far away. The presence of a dead snake could mean that dozens more are nearby.

Never attempt to remove dead animals from your property. Feral cats or raccoons could be rabid, and skunk carcasses can still cover you with long-lasting odors.

If you’ve noticed a sharp decline in your health and breathing lately, there could be undiscovered dead animals on your property. We offer complete dead animal removal services for everything from bats to snakes to coyotes.

Drop us a line for more information and rates. We offer complete outdoor cleanups and thorough urban pest removal services.