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Los Angeles Dead Animal Removal

A foul smell is usually the first indication that you need our dead animal removal services. That smell can draw insects and other scavengers, many of which are pests themselves. Common jobs involving a dead animal include the following:

• Removing a dead rat from within the walls • Removing a dead opossum from under the deck • Removing a dead squirrel from the attic • Removing a dead raccoon from a crawlspace

Our Dead Animal Removal Procedure

We follow a standard protocol during a deceased animal removal:

• We locate the animal, which could be in your attic, in your pool, or under your house • We remove and dispose of the animal • We clean, decontaminate, disinfect and deodorize the area where we found the dead animal • We seal off any entry points that allowed the animal to get into your attic or under your house We will also repair any damage we caused while retrieving the animal. For example, if we had to cut the drywall to get a dead rat out of your wall, we will repair it. We will also provide an estimate of the costs of such repairs before starting. We will, of course, keep the costs down as far as possible, as we are aware that deceased animal removal is not a planned expense. In addition to drywall repairs, other common repairs we perform include siding repairs, deck repairs, and insulation repairs.

Why You Need All Star Animal Trapping

Removing a dead animal is not as straightforward as it sounds. A sick or wounded animal will generally crawl away to hide somewhere so it can die in peace. It will, therefore, often choose a place like your attic or under your house where it won’t be disturbed by predators. Removing a dead animal’s body consequently often involves going into tight, cramped and poorly-lit places like crawlspaces. Such places are also potentially hazardous. It is, therefore, important to call a trained professional for deceased animal removal services. We also have the means of properly disposing of the animal and decontaminating your property. Simply leaving the dead animal where it is isn’t a realistic option. Not only does it look disgusting and give off a foul smell, it’s also a health hazard. Many animals are hosts to parasites like fleas and ticks that feed on the animal and can transmit disease. Many such parasites can feed on humans, so handling a carcass without taking the proper precautions puts you at risk of picking up those parasites. Similarly, a dead animal quickly becomes a haven for bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella that can cause diseases in humans. It also attracts scavengers like rats that can carry disease. Finally, dealing with a dead animal can be emotionally upsetting, especially if it turns out to be a beloved pet. In the latter situation, our specialists know how to deal with the situation tactfully. We can help you contact a local pet cremation service to make the appropriate arrangements. Cremation is often necessary since many municipalities forbid the burial of an animal that has not been cremated. Burying an intact carcass runs the risk of any associated bacteria contaminating the water supply. Again, it’s a health hazard.

The All Star Advantage

All Star Animal Trapping serves greater Los Angeles, and our founder, Robert Messersmith, is an animal trapper who has 18 years of experience. He also has a background in construction, so he knows the best ways of removing a dead animal and then repairing any resultant damage. All Star Animal Trapping makes a point of hiring similarly experienced professionals.

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