Feral Cat Trapping and Removal

Los Angeles Feral Cat Removal

The population of feral cats in Los Angeles has grown to epidemic proportions. It’s been reported that the estimated number of feral cats ranges from one million to three million cats roaming the streets of our city. With these numbers increasing daily because of our city’s temperate climate and easy access to food and water, the need for feral cat trapping and feral cat removal is very real. Their aggressiveness and possible contribution to the spread of bacteria and other diseases make the wild cat removal a high priority for our company.

What We Offer

At All Star Animal Trapping we highly recommend that you not attempt to trap a feral cat without expert help. A feral cat will not let you approach or touch it, and becomes aggressive and prone to attack you if it feels cornered or trapped. We can provide the help you need beginning with an initial inspection and plan for removal. We will use our knowledge in building and construction to determine where the cats are entering onto your property and seal any entry points so you won’t face this problem again. While on site we will remove any adult feral cats or litters of kittens present. If we are unable to remove them safely, we will set up traps that will not harm the animal to catch them and then take them away. Once we have removed all the feral cats we follow a procedure of decontamination which includes cleaning up all waste and disinfecting your yard. There are also synthetic cat repellents that we can use to keep cats away.

Feral Cat Prevention

You can take several preventative steps to keep feral cats from infesting your backyard.

  • Plant flowers like rue, lavender or penny royal. These plants repel cats because they don’t like their smell. The smell of fresh lemon or orange peels also repels cats.
  • Remove comfort spots in your landscaping by using gravelly rocks or broken egg shells on your mulch–anything that keeps a cat from resting comfortably in your yard.
  • If you have pets, don’t leave any of their food outside, and keep the garbage lids on your garbage cans so cats aren’t drawn in by the smell of your food scraps.
  • Board up any entry points or shelter spots underneath or around the house. Identifying these spots and closing them off is actually a part of our service. Our employees have experience in building which helps us locate and effectively seal any such entry points or shelters.
  • Spray water at any cats as you see them approaching you.

Call the Feral Cat Trapping Experts

We at All Star Animal Trapping use our animal expertise and our extensive years of experience with safe animal removal to deal with the problems you might be facing with feral cats in your neighborhood. We are an affordable, humane service who will dispose of these cats in a responsible way. Feral cat trapping does not necessarily mean that the animal will be destroyed. Our company works with several organizations to see these cats spayed or neutered if possible. Also, the kittens of feral cats can be domesticated and put up for adoption. And once the feral cat removal has been accomplished, we will be sure to close any possible entry points to your property to prevent any more cats from congregating there. Let us handle your feral cat problems. For the city of Los Angeles we are a competitive animal trapping and removal company, and we will make you a fair estimate. Call us today for your wild cat removal at (323) 540-2011 and be rid of your feral cat problem. We guarantee it!

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