How to Deal With a Bee Infestation

bee infestation

Are you dealing with a bee infestation? These stubborn insects can build hives in your walls, car, or underground.

Not only can they do damage, but their stings are super painful.

It’s imperative that you get rid of the bees and their hive. Aside from the property damage, they’re a nuisance when you want to eat outside. Kids are often scared of bees so removing them will make your little guests more comfortable.

Can you get rid of bees on your own? Sometimes the problem is too big for the homeowner to handle. Keep reading to find out what you can do about your bee infestation.

1. Are You Sure They’re Bees?

There are tons of different types of bees and similar species. Some cause more damage than others. Knowing what you’re dealing with will help you choose the best solution.

Carpenter bees burrow into wood surfaces and their nests multiply. They can cause significant damage to wood. Honey bees build heavy nests under your eavestrough and in trees.

The most aggressive bees you need to worry about are wasps and hornets. Not only do their stings hurt the most, but they build nests underground and in drywall.

2. Protect Yourself

Before you go inspect the nest and determine what kind of bee it is, protect yourself. Always wear thick clothing that covers all of your skin. Consider buying a beekeeper’s hat to protect your face.

Notice what times of day the bees are most active. Removal should take place when the bees are in the hive resting.

You can find a variety of bee-killing chemical sprays at the hardware store. If you choose to use them, make sure you also dispose of the nest after killing the insects.

3. Natural Solutions

If you prefer not to use chemicals, there are many natural solutions.

Consider luring the bees away from your house with ripe mango slices. Every few days, move the mango 15 feet farther away from your house. Bees build their nests near food sources.

You can also use natural repellent to make them want to leave your space. Sprinkling garlic powder around your home and the nest will repel them.

If your bees have created a nest underground, pour boiling water down the hole at night. This will kill any bees on contact.

4. Call a Professional

Although the methods above can work, they’re not as effective as hiring a professional. Companies that have experience with bee removal will be more efficient at removing infestations.

It’s also more convenient for the homeowner to call a professional. Save yourself the time, effort, and potential stings by outsourcing this tedious task.

Ready to Tackle Your Bee Infestation?

Although bees are vital to the environment, they’re a nuisance around homes. No one likes being stung or harassed when they’re trying to enjoy a BBQ.

Consider using the natural methods above. Or, save yourself the hassle and call a professional.

All Star Animal Trapping is experienced in removing bee infestations and other pests. To inquire about our services, reach out on our Contact Page.