How to Get Rid of Rats and Mice in Your LA Home

how to get rid of rats

LA public health professionals warn of a rat problem posing health risks in the city. And they urge people to keep a clean environment so as not to attract rats.

But what if you already have a rat and mouse problem? Sometimes, rodent’s choose a place to live based on other factors. And what do you do when they won’t leave? Read on for tips on how to get rid of rats who have settled into your home.

How Long Do Rats Live?

Before you can face your enemy, you have to know with what you’re dealing.

If you’ve ever had a rat problem, you might wonder how long they live. If their lifespan isn’t very long, you won’t have a problem, right? Most rats are only alive for a year or less. But even if rats don’t live a long time, they’ll multiply, and you’ll still have an infestation.

So, how do you recognize a rat problem for what it is? Their signs are pretty clear: droppings and gnaw marks are easy to find.

How to Get Rid of Rats

Here are a few options when it comes to getting rats out of your house as soon as possible.

1. Baiting

Baiting is simply putting down rat poison. If you have a large infestation, baiting is going to be a good option.

Set out rodenticide in their usual food source and wait for them to bring it the others. It may take a week for the signs of rat activity to die away, so keep the poison out for a while.

Also, remember to keep all poison out of reach of domestic pets to avoid an accident.

1. Trapping

For some people, trapping rats seems more humane. Depending on the number of rats, it can be as effective as baiting.

You can either trap the rats yourself or hire someone to trap and relocate rats for you. A trapping service will find, trap, and remove any rodents without you having to get your hands dirty.

3. Rat and Mice Extermination

Sometimes the rat infestation is too big, and you need to call an exterminator. If that happens, it’s not the end of the world.

If you call an exterminator, make sure they have the licenses they need. The last thing you want are amateurs making a bigger mess. Also, make sure they have insurance in case something goes wrong.

Keeping Rats Out for Good

Using preventative measures to keep rats out is much more cost effective.

Keep food sealed, and store it somewhere dry and safe. You should also invest in mice and rat repellent if you know your house is susceptible. Also, don’t forget to keep your house and yard free of trash so it doesn’t attract rodents.

Hire a Rat Trapper

Finding out you have a mouse and rat problem can be a hassle. But once you know how to get rid of rats, you know who to call. All Star Animal Trapping offers rat trapping, as well as other animal control options. We’ll get rid of rodents the humane way.

Schedule an appointment with us today to rid your home of rats and mice!