Opossum Trapping and Removal

Los Angeles Opossum Removal and Relocation

Introduced in California as a potential food source during the Great Depression, opossums are now an invasive species and commonplace nuisance in the greater Los Angeles area. Contact All Star Animal Trapping at (323) 540-2011 today if you have observed any of the following signs of an opossum infestation on your property:

  • Tipped trash cans with garbage strewn.
  • Damaged ductwork, insulation, and wiring.
  • Raids on poultry resulting in missing chicks, eggs, and/or mutilated adult birds.
  • Large quantities of odorous feces.
  • Nocturnal thumping/thuds in attic, or under house/porch.
  • Tracks consisting of five-fingered front footprints and five-toed hind footprints with an opposable big toe.

The Opossum Solution

Unless you are a trained wildlife professional, you should not attempt to catch an opossum; you may expose yourself to disease and risk injury to yourself or the animal. Instead, contact All Star Animal Trapping for efficient, humane animal trapping and removal services. We offer very competitive pricing for residents and business owners in the greater Los Angeles area. Our opossum removal services include:

  • Opossum trapping. We will dispatch a professional opossum trapper to inspect your home, determine which pest species are present (attractants that draw opossums may bring other pests as well), and place traps as necessary. When the opossum is caught in the trap, upon notification, we will remove and relocate the animal as humanely as possible. This means avoiding placing the animals under undue stress and, when possible, relocating litters with their mother.
  • Direct opossum removal. In some instances, our professional opossum trapper may be able to capture and remove the animal immediately. In cases where an opossum is injured or orphaned, we will take it to a shelter where it can be cared for until it is ready for release
  • Eviction. Sometimes opossum trapping or direct removal may not be possible if the opossum has taken up residence in a space that can’t be accessed by an opossum trapper or accommodate a trap. However, in these instances, taking advantage of oppossums’ hypersensitive olfaction, we will treat the site of infestation with an odorous solution that opossums cannot tolerate, forcing all animals present to relocate.
  • Exclusion. Upon opossum removal, we can identify and seal any potential points of re-entry. This includes professional repair of structures that would permit access
  • Clean-up. Our services include protecting our clients from the dangers associated with potentially zoonosis-laden pest feces and property destruction with professional clean-up in your attic and other affected areas of your home.

An Ounce of Prevention…

It is best for humans and opossums alike if infestation can be prevented before it begins. In addition to following the tips below, contact us at All Star Animal Trapping today for professional preventative-exclusion services to avoid damages incurred due to an opossum infestation. Exclusion will also spare the animals undue stress or potential injury associated with displacement, removal or relocation. Measures to prevent opossum infestation:

  • Take up all outside pet food before dark.
  • Make sure garbage cans are equipped with tight-fitting lids and occasionally cleaned.
  • Clean up any spilled birdseed from feeders.
  • Pick up all fallen fruit from trees.
  • Fill in any abandoned animal burrows.
  • Keep limbs trimmed at least 10 ft. away from your home.
  • Eliminate any brush piles on the property.
  • Contact All Star Animal Trapping at (323) 540-2011 to arrange for one of our experts to inspect your property. We will identify and properly seal any potential points of entry, such as skirting, vents, attic spaces, and crawl spaces.

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