Pee-Ew! What to Do If a Skunk Gets in Your Los Angeles Home

how to get rid of skunks

When uninvited guests find their way into your home, it usually means trouble. But when our white-striped and black-furred friends pay a visit, the trouble is more than double.

After all, no one wants the musky smell of skunk hanging around the house or on the kids.

That’s why homeowners in the LA area should know how to get rid of skunks. If you’re facing a skunk coup d’etat, here’s what you should do.

How to Get Rid of Skunks: The Non-Smelly Way

Keep in mind that removing a skunk from the premises can be a smelly ordeal. That’s why we always recommend you reach out to a professional animal trapping service.

However, it’s good to understand how, exactly, that skunk will be removed.

Trapping Method

The best method for removing skunks from a property is through traps. However, LA homeowners should keep in mind that traps must have a trap number and that they should be registered with the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

To avoid unintentionally breaking California laws, it’s best to call in the professionals.

Traps are an excellent and humane way to remove skunks from a property. At All Star Trapping and Removal, we utilize steel traps.

These traps are placed in specific locations (usually at exit locations) to best encourage the skunk to enter. Homeowners may want to consider sealing off additional exits to force skunks into the trap-lined exit. Once the animal is in the steel trap, the door closes with the skunk safely inside.

This method is ideal because homeowners, children, and pets are out of harm’s way. Once the animal is captured, the likelihood of getting sprayed or bitten is reduced.

Poisoning and/or Shooting

We do not recommend any homeowner attempt to kill a skunk him or herself. Not only is there a possibility of someone within the property getting hurt, but–depending on geographic location–some laws forbid these inhumane methods.

In fact, poisoning and shooting can have serious legal repercussions.

Instead, use other alternative and safer means to remove these pests from your property.

Keeping Your Home Skunk-Free

Even if you successfully remove a skunk from the property, there is a chance others will smell the leftover pheromones and move in. To stop this from happening, it’s best to thoroughly clean the area.

Remove the skunk’s droppings and spray the area thoroughly to remove the leftover scents. Again, this is why a professional team comes in handy; they know what chemicals work best and can safely remove the waste from beneath your deck, in your shed or wherever else the skunk lived.


The last step in squashing any imminent skunk takeovers is to implement preventative measures.

Put up fences to discourage skunks from entering the premises. Regularly sprinkle repellants, such as predator urine or citrus peels, around areas skunks might like to hide.

Finally, consider “surprise” tactics: a motion-sensor light or automatic sprinklers go a long way.

The All-Star Way

In knowing how to get rid of skunks and in preventing further skunks entry to your property, you’ll have your home back to yourself in no time.

But if you have a pest problem, it’s best to avoid these methods yourself.

Avoid worrying about being sprayed or bitten by contacting All Star Animal Trapping today. Let us clear the air of that musky scent and clear your home of free-loading pests.