Pigeons may seem fairly harmless until they take over your roof and property. Pigeons are one of the most common pests in Los Angeles, leaving unsightly droppings, nesting material, and feathers wherever they set up their home. Even worse, pigeons can spread disease and their droppings are highly acidic with the ability to damage buildings, roofs, and machinery.

Do you have a pigeon problem at your home or business?

Contact All Star Animal Trapping for humane pigeon control service. We don’t just get rid of the pigeons; we offer exclusion services to keep them from returning.


Pigeons are common pests that can cause extensive damage and spread disease. There are many ways in which your home or business can be threatened by a pigeon infestation.

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Pigeons can construct their nests almost anywhere, including your gutters, drains, under the corners of your roof, and ledges. Pigeon nests can clog your drainage system and cause water damage to your roof and building when water cannot drain properly.

Pigeon nests in ventilation systems and chimneys can block airflow, increase wear and tear on an HVAC system, and spread disease-carrying feathers indoors. It’s even possible for pigeon nests to block exhaust systems that may lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

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The most serious threat from a pigeon infestation? Their droppings. Pigeon droppings can carry over 60 transmittable diseases and parasites. Inhaling the microorganisms in dried pigeon waste can even cause disease in humans.

Along with the threat of disease, pigeon droppings are highly acidic and may damage pain, wood, siding, fabric, and even short electrical equipment.

The highly acidic nature of pigeon droppings can even etch brick, concrete, metal, and marble. When pigeons are not controlled, damage can easily reach thousands of dollars for repairs and cleanup.

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When pigeons make your home or business their own, it’s time to contact the professionals. At All Star Animal Trapping, we employ a range of pigeon removal and control methods to get rid of the pigeons and make your property inhospitable.

Along with exclusion methods, we can also trap pigeons so they can be disposed of humanely. Unfortunately, pigeons cannot be relocated as they have strong homing instincts and can return to their nesting area — even from thousands of miles away!

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Pigeon control can involve a variety of exclusion methods to keep pigeons from roosting around your home or business. Our Los Angeles pigeon control service technicians will develop a custom treatment plan based on your needs. The following are some of the most common methods we employ:

  • Netting is an excellent long-term control method to keep pigeons out of roof AC units, overhead pipes, and more.
  • Metal or plastic spikes can be installed along ledges and beams to prevent pigeons from landing and nesting. Bird spikes have pointed edges that extend from the surface at an angle. We can install spikes along ledges, eaves, window sills, roof peaks, or anywhere else pigeons are prone to roost.
  • “Birth control” products can prevent pigeon eggs from hatching. It’s also important to remove nests as pigeons will eventually move on to a new nesting area after unsuccessful attempts to roost.
  • While pigeons have no natural enemies in urban environments, they still retain the fear of becoming prey. Many devices can frighten pigeons away, including noisemakers, Mylar fabric, pinwheels, and life-size reproductions of owls and falcons. This option can be effective but it’s usually temporary unless the items are rotated frequently.

A pigeon problem isn’t just obnoxious; it can also damage your building and your health.

If you are struggling with a pigeon infestation in your home or building, contact All Star Animal Trapping today for pigeon trapping services. Our professional pigeon removal service will help you get rid of the pests and keep them away.