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Most people know what a raccoon looks like thanks to their size (adults can grow to as much as fifty pounds) their black ‘mask’ around their eyes and their striped tail. Unfortunately, they can live in the wild but they tend to creep around urban, populated areas and Los Angeles raccoons can actually cause a lot of damage.

Not only do they dig through your trash but they can even find their way into your attic or garage. If you start to hear some tiny footsteps up above you in your home or notice you’ve had a recent visitor that disrupted your belongings, it might be time to call in a raccoon trapper in the Los Angeles area.

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While they might appear to be cute, raccoons are actually quite aggressive. This is especially true if they feel threatened in any way either by a raccoon trapping mechanism or by you if you are in their general vicinity.

It might be tempting to save some money and attempt to stage a raccoon removal on your own, but because they are so hard to trap, you will want to utilize a professional raccoon trapper to help you with your problem.

Not to mention, raccoons are commonly infected with rabies and this isn’t something that you want to make yourself susceptible to. Not to mention the other diseases that they can spread to you by way of ticks like ringworm, rickets and giardia lamblia.

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When you hire a professional raccoon removal Los Angeles company, there is a very intricate and specialized process that is used for safely trapping and removing a raccoon. Also, you want to make sure this process is done humanely. You may not want Los Angeles raccoons in your home but they do have their place in nature.

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Our staff is trained with a number of trapping techniques and they have equipment on hand that utilize the best and most humane trapping methods. Some instances allow us to capture the raccoon without traps at all, especially if there are babies on site. Once the raccoon has been removed we will thoroughly clean up the area of your home where the raccoon was living to make sure there isn’t anything dangerous left behind like raccoon feces or ticks.

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raccoon removal 4 1024x576Once we have removed a raccoon from your property, you will want to take appropriate steps the ensure you don’t have another problem again in the future. Here are some tips to keep your home and your property raccoon and pest free:

  • Don’t leave trash directly outside of your home; place it in a trash receptacle that is closed and preferably locked. Don’t leave food outside.
  • Search your property for gaps in your fence or gates that could let a raccoon in.
  • Your home can be susceptible to raccoons if you have spaces to enter like vents, crawl space doors, under roof eaves, etc. Make sure these areas are tightly sealed.
  • Fruit bearing trees can attract raccoons. Make sure to pick any fruit available when it is ripe and if anything doe fall to the ground, keep that area cleaned up periodically.

If you are looking for the best raccoon extermination service and prices in town, give us here at All Star Animal Trapping a call. Even if you are unsure of what your problem may be, if you hear anything going on inside of your attic, your walls, garage, etc. we can assess the problem and determine what needs to be done.

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In addition to trapping and removing raccoons, we also remove other animals such as pigeons, feral cats, snakes, skunks, rats and more. Our Los Angeles racoon removal field experts have been performing raccoon removals for approximately fifteen years now and we will take care of your pest problems in no time and give you back your home.