Skunk Trapping and Removal

Los Angeles Skunk Trapping and Removal

We Remove Skunks From Residential and Commercial Properties. At All Star Animal Trapping in Los Angeles, we are the company to call when you have a problem with invasive wildlife, including skunks. No one wants to have skunks near a residential or commercial property because this animal creates a foul odor from its musk glands. Skunks have a distinctive appearance with black fur and white stripes along the back from the top of the head to the tip of the tail. You may have smelled a skunk’s bad odor while driving along a country road, but more of these animals are invading urban areas.

What Are the Dangers From Invasive Skunks?

Our team of knowledgeable technicians doesn’t recommend amateur skunk removal because this animal can spray you when it feels threatened. Not only is the spray from a skunk difficult to remove from your clothing or skin, but also, the chemicals in the spray can make you nauseated and sting your eyes. If a skunk sprays you with its musk, then seek medical attention right away to avoid health complications. In addition, a skunk can bite or scratch you when it feels threatened, and this mammal can transmit the deadly rabies virus.

Where Do Skunks Hide?

If you have family pets, then keep your cats and dogs away from skunks to avoid severe allergic reactions from the animals’ spray or the dangers of being bitten. Most skunks will look for places to hide on your property such as in a crawl space underneath a building. Some skunks will scurry underneath a building’s deck to hide from the sun or rain. Occasionally, a smaller skunk will enter a building’s downspout or rain gutters, and if there is a hole in a building’s rooftop, then the skunk can enter the walls or attic.

Why Do You Need Professional Wildlife Technicians?

In some geographic regions, skunks are protected by local laws, so you can’t poison or shoot the animals. Fortunately, there are expert skunk trappers available from All Star Animal Trapping in Los Angeles. With our professional skunk trapping services, you won’t need to worry about being sprayed or bitten by this invasive animal. One of our skunk trappers will find where the animals are hiding so that he can use humane skunk trapping methods to capture the animals.

How Are Skunks Captured?

In some cases, a technician can capture a skunk with a specialized net, but in many cases, trapping skunks with steel traps is a better plan. With this type of wildlife removal, steel traps are placed at the animal’s exit locations. Bait is often used to encourage the wildlife to enter a steel trap, and the door of the trap will close as the skunk enters the device. All Star Animal Trapping has skunk trappers who know how to capture the skunks that are living underneath outbuildings such as pool houses or gardening sheds. In addition to capturing one or more these animals, we can clean the area where the skunks have been living to eliminate its pheromones. This involves removing the skunks’ droppings and spraying strong chemicals. By doing this, additional skunks aren’t attracted to the same area. We can also install wire mesh over downspouts or the holes on the side of a building to keep the skunks from entering these areas.

Call All Star Animal Trapping Today

When you have a problem with skunks in the Los Angeles or surrounding areas, call All Star Animal Trapping at anytime. We provide skunk removal services on a 24-hour basis seven days a week so that you won’t need to worry about the dangers from this type of wildlife. Call us today at 323-540-2011 to arrange efficient skunk trapping services.

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