“There’s a snake in my house!” is one of the most common calls that we get. We know full well that this is not something that can wait until the next business day. Snake trapping and removal is something you should leave to the professionals. At All Star Animal Trapping in Los Angeles County, we have the equipment and trained personnel for safe snake removal.

Our snake trappers will trap the snake and release it someplace else that will be safe for both the snake and the humans. We do not kill snakes, for they are part of the ecosystem and should be respected as such. Furthermore, snakes are useful; many of them eat rodents and other pests and can be considered our allies against vermin like rats. Some snakes, like king snakes and racers, also kill and eat rattlesnakes.

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We use humane methods for snake trapping and relocation. After that, we will repair any damage done to your property. We will also check for your property for entry points and then offer Preventive Services to keep your home snake-free. Our employees have backgrounds in construction as well as snake trapping, so they can spot any entry points and recommend the best way for sealing them off.

Snakes like places that provide cover where they can hunt or rest. They are thus attracted to properties with a lot of weeds and/or debris. We will help and advise you on ways to make your property less attractive to snakes. One very effective exclusion method is the snake fence which is made of either a solid material or a mesh no bigger than ¼ inch.

A snake fence is at least three feet high, and the bottom is buried at least a few inches in the ground. That will keep the snake from being able to slither over the fence or under it. A snake fence is also safer for humans and pets than any chemical deterrents.

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There are 33 snake species that live in California; six species are venomous. These six are all species of rattlesnake. Despite their reputation for viciousness, snakes are generally not aggressive and don’t go out of their way to bite people.

They will only bite a human in self-defense, so the best way to avoid getting bitten is to give the snake space and not try to pick it up or kill it.

Snakes hibernate during the winter and come out of hibernation when the weather warms up in mid or late spring. Young snakes are typically born between August and October.

While most snakes lay eggs, vipers give birth to live young. “Rattlesnake season,” which describes the time when these snakes are most active, generally runs from April to October.


Do not try to catch or kill the snake yourself. Some snakes are venomous, and a bite from such a snake can cause serious injury or even death.Leave snake trapping to trained professionals. Most people get bitten on the hand because they tried to grab the snake.

Keep all your children and your pets away from the snake. If they disturb it, it could bite one of them. Snake skins on your property mean you probably have a snake infestation.

Call one of our snake trappers to investigate and safely remove any snakes.

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All Star Animal Trapping has over 18 years of experience with trapping wild animals and rodents. We also have a license from the Fish and Wildlife Department of California, and more. Our snake trappers are similarly experienced.


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We offer very competitive pricing and provide snake trapping and removal services to most cities in the county of Los Angeles.