What to Expect When Hiring a Professional Animal Trapper


We want to make this unwanted and unexpected experience as bearable as possible for you.

So here are the basics of hiring an animal trapper to remove wild animals from your property:

1. Unlike Animal Control and Municipal Services, Professional Animal Trappers charge a fee for their work.

2. Beware of trappers that offer to come out for free since they are just “bait and switch” professionals and will try to sell you hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of unnecessary repairs.

3. There are different methods to handle wildlife:

  • Trapping: Live and humane traps are set, when an animal is caught, the technician will remove it from your property and release it in appropriate areas as stated by law.
  • Exclusion: With different methods, technician may be able to get the animals to leave right then.Once they leave the technician will perform the necessary repairs to keep animals out for good.
  • Live removal: In some cases, it is possible to remove the animal by hand or similar methods such as in the case of abandoned babies. In this case the trapper would humanely remove them and take them to the appropriate places, such as the Humane society if they need special care.
  • Dead Animal Removal: whether an unwanted visitor or a dear pet, a professional trapper can help you pick the animal up for you and take it to the right place.

4. The technician will determine what repairs are necessary to prevent further invasions.

5. The average cost of the service is about $375. This includes the fee to come out and perform a homeinspection to locate points of entry, find the best solution for the problem and proceed with the most appropriate method to solve the problem: Trapping, Exclusion, Live Removal or Dead Animal Removal. Any of those services could cost from $175 to $600 depending on the company.

6. Repair costs vary since every situation is different but the technician should be able to tell you what repairs are needed and why they are needed. When someone is just trying to rip you off and perform unnecessary repairs, you would know. Fortunately at All Star Animal Trapping we are not in the construction or handyman business, we are in the solving your problem business and in the business of providing the best customer service at the lowest price that the highest quality job permits.

Hope this information is helpful to you.

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