Who we are ?


Premier Animal Removal Services in Los Angeles, CA

All Star Animal Trapping was founded by Robert Messersmith about a year ago. Robert has been an animal trapper for over 18 years and he is licensed by the Fish and Wildlife Department of California.

His extent experience in both, the construction field and Humane Trapping makes him the best in the industry.

He started working as a trapper for another company and he soon started to stand out and show special skills that only a true professional can have.

He takes pride in his work and teaches and expects the same level of excellence from any other technician that works under the umbrella of his company.

Despite the fact that the quality of his work is superior to any other trapping companies out there, he still keeps his prices at a fair and affordable rate.
That’s what makes All Star Animal Trapping the premiere Animal company in Los Angeles, that would help you solve any raccoon, skunk, opossum, rat, mice, gopher or squirrels problem at the lowest price that the highest level of quality permits.

At All Star Animal trapping we only hire All Stars. Our work is guaranteed and all of our actions keep the customer in mind, because the customer is the most important part of our job!

When wildlife starts setting up shop at your home or business in Los Angeles, CA, turn to the professionals at All Star Animal Trapping. We’ll select humane animal trapping methods for removing the intruders.

What to Expect

We’re experienced at the control of all wildlife in the region, including rats, skunks, raccoons, opossums, bees, bats, pigeons and snakes. If you’re not sure what’s lurking about, we’ll examine signs, such as tracks and droppings, to identify the animal. We’ll set traps and check them frequently. Animals will be released in appropriate areas as stated by law.

Prompt Service

We understand that a wild intruder might threaten you or your pets. We’ll schedule your appointment as soon as possible and immediately get to work solving the problem. When necessary, we’ll capture animals by hand, especially if one is trapped inside your living quarters.

All Star Animal Trapping responds to calls for help throughout Greater Los Angeles. Whether it digs, flies, sneaks, or slithers, we’ll catch it. For animal trapping, call us today.